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BookRouter is a service created by, and designed for booksellers to alleviate the problems faced when getting their inventories into the online marketplace.  

One upload to BookRouter can reach any or all of the 19 indexing services we work with.  We take care to ensure that your data is correctly formatted to meet each site's individual requirements. 

If you have wanted an easy way to change your pricing between different indexing services, BookRouter may have the answer.  You can choose to raise or lower your prices by a percentage, a set amount, or a combination of the two -- all on a site-by-site basis

You can also choose to define a price range for books to send to different sites, whether to accommodate a membership requirement, or to more specifically target your desired audience.

To help ensure the quality of your listings, you can choose to have BookRouter automatically send you warnings if any of your records are missing data which may compromise their effectiveness online.

Take a look around our site to find our more about BookRouter. . .

The In-Depth Walkthrough provides pictures and descriptions of all BookRouter client screens, highlighting all of the functions that BookRouter provides.

For more information about the indexing services to which we send client data, please visit the Indexing Site Fee and Signup Information page.

Feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions page, or write to if you have any questions.

The Glossary and Primer contains practical explanations of terms commonly used in reference to databases and online inventory management.

To hear what some current BookRouter clients have to say about our service, please visit the Customer Testimonials page.

And lastly, if you are interested in signing up with BookRouter, we invite you to use our Onine Signup Form.




Getting Started In-Depth Walkthrough Indexing Site Fees and Signup Information Frequently Asked Questions Client Testimonials Glossary and Primer Online Signup Form

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